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Learn more about our unique products

• Unique transfer between rooms

• Ideally suited for home, school
   and professional care settings

• Easily relocated with portable lift

• Support of up to 400 lb. patient

The Out Reach lift system, manufactured by Mobility Lift Systems, Inc., provides patient mobility, freedom of movement, safety and range of motion that is not available from other handicap lift providers. With very little effort, patients have easy access to rooms and activities which were previously Out of Reach while reducing the risk of back injuries to the caregiver.

Our Out Reach disabled lift provides home health, hospital, school and professional organizations with lift solutions for their patient mobility lift needs. This patient lift system is easy to install in just a matter of a few hours and can be relocated as needs may change. By utilizing the Out Reach system stanchions in multiple locations with a single patient lift motor the Out Reach lift system inexpensively increases patient mobility, easy access, transfer locations and multiple location patient care solutions at a reduced cost.

The Out Reach patient lift system's unique elbow hinge design reaches out a total of four feet providing an 180 degree sweep of 8 feet and can provide transfers through doorways between existing room. This mobility patient lift system provides a range of movement which reduces or eliminates costly remodeling in many home settings. The efficient aluminum, stainless steel and compact design allows the Out Reach system to be mounted out of the way as it blends into any room while providing the strength and flexibility necessary to securely provide an individual mobility transfer.

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